Weddings and Baptisms


Weddings are an exciting time in the life of our church family and are an important ministry of the church. As a service of Christian worship, the marriage service is under the direction of the minister and the supervision of the session.

The first step in scheduling a wedding is to meet with the pastor of Presbyterian United Church of Christ who is the officiating minister at all weddings held in the church.

Premarital counseling sessions need to be set up at least three months prior to the wedding date.


Baptism is the sign and seal of incorporation into Christ. The body of Christ is one, and Baptism is the bond of unity in Christ. As we are united with Christ through faith, baptism unites the people of God with each other and with the church of every time and place. Baptism is God’s gift of grace and also God’s summons to respond to that grace.

When a child is being presented for Baptism, ordinarily the parent(s) or one rightly exercising parental responsibility shall be an active member of the congregation. Baptisms are part of our worship service. The congregation as a whole, on behalf of the Church universal, assumes responsibility for nurturing the baptized person in the Christian life. It is necessary to meet with the pastor to schedule a baptism.