Sharing Hearts ~ Spreading Love

“Beloved, let us love one another, because love is from God; everyone who loves is born of God and knows God.”1 John 4: 7

One of the challenges of being the church during a time of social distancing comes in the area of showing love toward one another.  We are used to gathering together regularly, catching up with each other’s lives, sharing a smile, a hug, or a pat on the back.  But these days, all that has changed. 

We are thankful for our deacons who have put a calling tree in place to reach out to some of the more vulnerable in the congregation.  We are grateful to those who are available to deliver groceries to those who have that need. 

These past weeks, I have enjoyed some wonderful conversations on the phone with some of you.  Yet perhaps the greatest blessings have come when I’ve “run into you” when I’ve been out walking.  There is something wonderful about being together, even if we are 6 feet apart!

How do we maintain the wonderful community we enjoy here at PUCC in these days of social distancing?  Yesterday, while out walking, I found myself enjoying the bright colored hearts that graced some of the doors and windows that we passed.  Upon returning home, I decided to cut out some hearts for my front door.  Having a stash of old gift wrap, I turned to it to cut various sizes of hearts.  Using a variety of designs and sizes, each heart became quite unique. 

My thoughts turned to the church.  We are each so different, yet together we are a beautiful community.   An idea began to stir!  How about we each, as we are able, cut out some hearts and put them on our front door or windows?  These hearts can be a reminder of several things; God’s love for us, the love we experience in our community of faith, and love that extends to our neighbors.  

Perhaps we could carry this activity one step farther.  As we prepare our own hearts, we can be thinking about others in our community of faith with whom we could share a set of hearts.  I put together a couple more sets of hearts and dropped them off at the homes of church friends who live in my neighborhood.  They in turn, may add to these hearts and bless someone else. 

Here at church, we plan to be putting hearts up in the portico.  If you would like to leave some off, there is a slot in the south door of the portico into which you may slip your hearts.  I will look forward to finding them and placing them up!

Enjoy making hearts and at the same time, spreading love! 

Blessings to you all!

Pastor Jan