Classroom Tour

Noah's Ark Preschool's classroom contains several centers to develop children's exploration, creativity, cooperation, and learning!  Noah's Ark Preschool also has an outdoor area for learning while in nature.
Literacy Center
The Literacy Center contains dozens of fiction and nonfiction books that are rotated regularly.  We partner with the Le Mars Public Library, which lends us books each month.  The Literacy Center also contains audiobooks, a dollhouse, and file folder games.
Writing Center
This center is available to the 4-5 year olds.  In this area, children practice practical writing skills by tracing, copying, and writing shapes, letters, and numbers.  They have access to stencils, envelopes, and other writing tools and supplies.
Table Toys Center
In the Table Toys Center, children can explore puzzles, toys, and manipulatives.  Items are rotated frequently and involve many learning areas such as fine motor development, math, science, social studies, and literacy.
STEM Center
In the STEM Center, children experience STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) by exploring items such as magnets, rocks, seashells, magnifying glasses, and binoculars.  The center is located near a window so children can explore nature, even while indoors.
Sensory Center
This area will sometimes be the Sensory Center.  Other times, we will use the area for small groups and/or testing.
Pretend Center
Our Pretend Center got a makeover in the Summer of 2022!  We purchased a new pretend kitchen with accessories and received a new grocery store from a generous Noah's Ark friend!
Lego Center
The Lego Center is an area of creativity, cooperation, and learning!  In addition to Lego bricks, this center contains Lego books.
Blocks & Building Center
The Blocks and Building Center contains blocks, trucks, trains, pretend people, emergency vehicles, and more!
Art Center
In the Art Center, children have the opportunity to make process art using a variety of materials and tools.  Examples include stencils, paper punches, paint sticks, glue, scissors, markers, stickers, watercolor paints, and beads.
Centers Poster
Children in the 4-5 year old class select a center in which to play by placing their names on this poster.  This limits the number of students in each center and encourages taking turns and making decisions.
Center Sign
All the learning centers are clearly labeled within the classroom.  Beneath each center sign is a list of some Early Learning Standards that children can achieve while playing in the center
Large Group / Circle Time Area
This area is for large group meetings, activities, music time, circle time, and read alouds.
STEM Buckets
Students have daily self-selected independent practice with these open-ended STEM-based activities.  STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Math.
The classroom has its own restroom, which contains a child-sized toilet.  The children are allowed to use the restroom at any time.  The sink is located outside the restroom so teachers can monitor and assist children with proper handwashing.
In August 2022, we graduated from one sink to two and got a new vanity!  Both faucets are motion-activated, lessening the spread of germs.
Door to Outdoor Play Area
This door was installed in 2020 thanks to a grant from Le Mars United Way.
Outdoor Area
Our Outdoor Area was created in 2020 and was funded by a grant from the Le Mars United Way.  The possibilities are endless in the outdoor space!  Children develop large and fine motor skills and are exposed to pretend play, music, art, science, math, literacy, and more!
Each child in each class will have his/her own locker while he/she attends preschool.  Another child will use the locker during other preschool sessions.
Parent/Guardian Information Area
Parents/Guardians will find our monthly and yearly calendars and weekly menus.
This hallway leads to the rest of the church, but it is also a place where we display art work and group projects.  We often do large group activities in the hallway, so the red and blue carpets are visual reminders telling the kids where to sit/stand.
The Director/Teacher's Office
Doors to Backpack Room

This room of the church is called the Youth Room, but the preschoolers use it for a place to put on their coats and pack their backpacks; therefore, we refer to it as the Backpack Room.  We also use the room for large and small group activities.
Can You Lend a Hand? 
This donation basket is located in the hallway just outside the classroom doors.
Please contact the preschool for a private tour.